Friday, May 4, 2012

Seche Vite Rebuild

OK So here's my problem. I got suckered in acrylic nails and now I am ready to grow out my natural nails. There's nothing wrong with artificial nails but I admit I went to a lower end nail salon and ended up with the nail tech DRILLING and DRILLING my nail beds!!! UGHHH!! So here I am today!!! I have weak, thin, peeling natural nails that I NEED to get back to PRE-acrylics. They used to be healthy and strong WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! Well today is day one!!!
I am going to try Seche Vite Rebuild. I have always used OPI nail envy as my basecoat so I wanted to try something different.
Here's a picture of day one:

This is a protein product that seals nail layers, builds thickness, and promotes nail strength. You apply this product once daily and then remove after 4 days and reapply. It CAN be used as a base coat!!! So if you are like me, that means that you can paint your little, brittle, stubs!! If you use as a base coat you need to remove BOTH polishes and reapply the next day. I can handle THAT!! HECK, I do that now!
So here's a pic of my painted stubs!!! 

You can't even tell that my nails are damaged! I am wearing Finger Paints Silkscreen Green from the Neon Collection stamped with konad m-73 in Orly Green Apple. I added some red and pink dots for "flowers" This was a quickie manicure since it will only last until tomorrow afternoon ;0)

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