Friday, May 25, 2012

Orange Freestyle Challenge

It is orange freestyle day....
I chose to to start out with a gradient of light to darker orange for the base. 
Then I stamped with white and used my dotting tool to accent the flowers and add some interest. 
I then topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust. 
This is NOT one of my favorites by any means.
I am STILL in the growing out phase of POST-acrylics.
My nails are NOT even close to where I need them to be.
I am taking daily vitamins and Biotin along with my Seche Vite treatments. 
Hopefully I will see some progress soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Challenge Dots

Today's post is for Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge
Summer Dots

For this mani I used a bunch of summery colors for the base.
I painted them with a dotting tool in little patches.
Then I took a glitter polish to "set" the colors together better.
After that I took my dotter and added various colored dots and sizes throughout my nails.
Very easy and a F-U-N way to use LOTS of pretty polishes!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CONTEST REPOST Pointless Cafe: Pointless Cafe's 1000 Follower Giveaway!

CONTEST I entered try your luck!!!
Pointless Cafe's 1000 blogger Giveaway!!!
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Chelsea Flower Show

I just joined a facebook group called 
Today's challenge was Chelsea Flower Show

I admit to "cheating" by recycling an old mani pic!!!
Today is a bad day for me and oddly enough I don't feel like painting my nails. 
My father-in-law passed away about 9 months ago and today is his birthday. 
If I end up painting my nails it will be for him.
Possibly hunting or fishing themed.

For this mani I used punki purple from ultra PRO 
then I stamped black zebra with konad plate m57.
Then I stamped white flowers from konad plate m60.
I added some silver and pink rhinestones.

Hope you like you it!!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Water Marbling

Thought this was cute and it reminded me of my 1st attempt at water marbling!!!
What a mess I made!!! It was a FAIL!!!!
But now they turn out nice!!!
Hope you got a laugh!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soooo TRUE!!!!

The Sky's the Limit the Cow JUMPED over the MOON

I joined a Facebook group that participates in weekly stamping challenges. 
Its called Adventures in Stamping and this weeks theme was 
The Sky's the Limit.
I decided to do a night sky. I used Galaxy from Claires and then I stamped my images in Konad white. I went for the COW jumped OVER the MOON. Hope you like it!!! 
This was so much FUN!!
I can't wait until NEXT Sunday's challenge!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Seche Vite Rebuild

OK So here's my problem. I got suckered in acrylic nails and now I am ready to grow out my natural nails. There's nothing wrong with artificial nails but I admit I went to a lower end nail salon and ended up with the nail tech DRILLING and DRILLING my nail beds!!! UGHHH!! So here I am today!!! I have weak, thin, peeling natural nails that I NEED to get back to PRE-acrylics. They used to be healthy and strong WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! Well today is day one!!!
I am going to try Seche Vite Rebuild. I have always used OPI nail envy as my basecoat so I wanted to try something different.
Here's a picture of day one:

This is a protein product that seals nail layers, builds thickness, and promotes nail strength. You apply this product once daily and then remove after 4 days and reapply. It CAN be used as a base coat!!! So if you are like me, that means that you can paint your little, brittle, stubs!! If you use as a base coat you need to remove BOTH polishes and reapply the next day. I can handle THAT!! HECK, I do that now!
So here's a pic of my painted stubs!!! 

You can't even tell that my nails are damaged! I am wearing Finger Paints Silkscreen Green from the Neon Collection stamped with konad m-73 in Orly Green Apple. I added some red and pink dots for "flowers" This was a quickie manicure since it will only last until tomorrow afternoon ;0)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dollish Polish

This is my First purchase from an INDIE seller and I am thrilled!!!
This is from Dollish Polish check her out here: 
Here face book site will keep you informed to when she will restock her shop.

I have from LEFT to RIGHT:
Team Salvatore
Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?
Super Bass
I want to do bad things to you
Heart of glass
He slimed me

Heart Of Glass over Orly Black with blue and deep purple striping brush designs. 
I went TOO far ( in my opinion and added some silver swipes)
This color is AMAZING I got many many compliments even though my ever so UGLY nail art gone bad ruined Dolly's beautiful concoction!!! 

OHHHH Super Bass!!!! To be honest I only bought this because her polishes are WAY hard to snag and this baby was able to sneak into my cart. The pics I saw on the web didn't appeal to me but I HAD to buy some DOLLISH POLISH!!! 
I am so GLAD I did!!! This is my #1 Favorite! The purples and blues and beyond words!! This is a MUST to buy!!! This is layered over Orly black and side swiped then accented with a fimo butterfly on the ring finger. 
LOOOOVED this MANI and got more compliments than ANY other EVER!!!!


This is my very first blog post. I figured I am overdue considering how obsessed I am with nail polish! 
This blog will be a mixture of my own personal MANI's and possibly others that I see around that I like. Also I will post pics of new polish finds, limited editions, indies, etc.
I would love to start swapping.
OK here goes!!